PR System One BiPAP Auto Core with Heated Tube Humidifier - ON CLEARANCE!




  • Advanced technology and a long list of hi-tech standard features makes the Respironics PR System One BiPAP Auto Core a dream for sleep apnea patients.  It comes with a built in heated tube Humidifier, to keep you comfortable all night.  

  • Humidity Control

    Heated tubing along with Respironics already established humidity control technology together offer the user complete management of possible condensation buildup caused by environment temperatures as well as comfort. The humidity control attribute gages the room temperature to determine the proper heat level to facilitate therapy without or with decreased condensation.

    The C-Flex

    With the C-Flex attribute that decreases between 1-3 centimeters of pressure (set by the physician or patient based on comfort necessities) the user can expect a more comfortable night’s rest. The correct pressure relief at the right time is all control through advanced intelligence allowing an increase patient compliance and comfort.

    Dry Box

    The quality enhancements of the Respironics PR System One units are abounding and noted with features like the Dry Box Technology. Thanks to the Dry Box Technology assurances water entering the unit is nearly eliminated.

  • PR System One BiPAP Auto Core with Heated Tube Humidifier Features:

     • Auto dimming LED helps create a darker room for easy sleeping.

     • Compliance meter breathing detection.

     • Easy to remove and attach humidifier.

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