Hozer Hose Lift System

Hozer Inc.



Hozer was developed by a long time Apnea sufferer wanting to find a way to stop waking in the middle of the night to adjust his mask, untangle his hose, and wake his spouse. Hozer easily lifts your CPAP hose away from your body. The extension arm raises the hose off of the bed. The ultralight frame allows user to turn in any direction without the hose in the way.

Additional Info

Hozer’s unique design suspends hose above you and delivers hose to mask and automatically adjusts to your nighttime movements. With the hose freely “floating” above you contact with your bed linen, comforter, pillows, you or your spouse is eliminated. Hozer is constructed of strong, durable, quality parts. The extension arm can be fitted with either two or three-section lengths. Adjustable clips allow for just the right fit for any standard CPAP hose. To install, slide the base under mattress at the side of your bed. When not using, Hozer folds up and stores in the supplied travel bag.


Dimensions: 12.8 ounces and extends up to 45 inches

What's included: HoZer hose lift system, travel bag and manual


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