H2O 4 CPAP Filter Cartridge

Williamson Industries



Replacement filter cartridge for H2O 4 CPAP Ion Distilled Water Filtering System. Each H2O 4 CPAP water filter cartridge will remove harmful toxins from tap water for up to 60 nights and makes 6 gallons of ion distilled water for your CPAP machine humidifier.

Filter cartridge(s) only. Water pitchers sold separately.

Additional Info

Each filter cartridge lasts for 60 days before needing replacement. To change your H2O 4 CPAP filter cartridge:

  • Make sure the pitcher is empty.
  • Remove the top lid from the pitcher.
  • Locate the filter at the bottom of the pitcher bowl. Grab the pull tab located on top of the filter, and pull up.
  • Replace with a new cartridge and lock it into place.
  • Replace the top lid.

Filter Cartridge Lifespan: 60 nights
Intended for Drinking? No.
Filter Capacity: Up to 6 gallons or for up to 60 nights of ion distilled water. This may vary based on the hardness of the water in your area. 


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