2/Pack Reusable Pollen Filters for DreamStation Go

Philips Respironics



  • Washable replacement filters for Respironics DreamStation Go CPAP travel machine. Filters can be easily cleaned in order to keep dust and dirt with 88% efficiency out of your Respironics travel CPAP machine. 2 filters per order, DreamStation Go machine sold separately. 

  • It is recommended the filters are cleaned every 2 weeks and replaced every 6 months for the best performance of your DreamStation Go.

  •  Material: 100% polyester

     Filter efficiency: 88% efficient @ 7-10 microns

    Replacement: every 6 months or sooner 

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Kit includes: A mini portable sanitizer, 3 or 6 pack of filters (depending on machine), 2 packs of aloe cleansing wipes and a premium tubing brush.