DreamStation BiPAP Auto with Humidifier

Philips Respironics



The DreamStation BiPAP Auto is an evolved, sleek and modern, low-profile machine offering important advanced features users were looking for to increase therapy effectiveness and comfort. This unit is a bilevel machine that provides one distinct higher pressure for inhalation, and a separate lower pressure for exhalation. During therapy, the machine will monitor the user on a breath-by-breath basis and remain at a lower pressure until an event is detected. When an event is detected that requires higher pressure, the machine will automatically increase to the needed pressure and return to a lower pressure when the event has concluded.

Email your prescription to shop@cpapmachines.ca with your order number.

  • Machine Type - BiPAP / BiLevel
  • Brand/Manufacturer - Philips Respironics (USA made)
  • Weight - 2.2lb
  • Dimensions - With Humidifier 11.7 L x 7.6 W x 3.3 H inches
  • Noise Level - Less than 30 dBA 
  • Warranty - 2 years
  • Data Card - Yes
  • Software Available - Yes
  • Ramp - 0-45 min. with SmartRamp
  • Exhalation Relief - Bi-FLEX
  • Pressure Range - 4-20 cm/H2O
  • Altitude Adjustment - Automatic
  • Heated Humidifier - Available
  • Passover Cool Humidifier - Available
  • Voltage – 110 and 220 voltage yes
  • Can Use A Battery - Yes
  • Integrated Battery - No
  • Mask Off Alert - Yes
  • DreamStation Manual


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