Custom BiPAP Premium Package

Complete Premium Packages

  • These carefully pre-selected packages are designed to equip new users with a complete package for optimal treatment, or for current users who like to upgrade their current equipment. In-store retail price, approx. $3200​. Online retail price approx. $2,800. Save big with this premium package!

  • BiPAP Premium Package Includes:

    •One (1) BiPAP machine (select from drop down option)

    •One (1) CPAP mask (select from drop down option)

    •One (1) BiPAP travel bag

    •One (1) standard tubing

    •One (1) heated tubing

    •One (1) spare water chamber

    •Two (2) canisters of CPAP mask cleansing wipes

    •Three or six (3 or 6) extra filters depending on selected machine

  • Need some guidance? We're here to help! Our experienced clinical care specialists are a phone call away at 1(844) 925-2727 (9a-5p EST) and we can help you pick the best package to suit your needs. Email us at and we'll get an answer to you as soon as we can!

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