CPAP Accessory Kit

Complete Premium Packages


  • This accessory kit was strategically designed to make using, maintaining, cleaning and storing your CPAP that much easier. This 6-piece accessory kit comes with:

    • CPAP hose lift / hose support
    • CPAP dust bag with drawstrings
    • Non-slip silicone protector mat 
    • 64 sheets of aloe CPAP wipes 
    • 1 oz CPAP skin moisturizer with Vitamin A & E
    • 6.5ft long x 22mm diameter premium tubing brush 


    • Purchased separately, you'll spend over $75!  The hose lift uses a suction system against a smooth surface to hold your tubing over your bed. The dust bag aids in storing unworn masks or during travel. The non-slip silicone mat will protect your furniture from spills and scratches and can also double as a drying mat after cleaning. The specially designed CPAP wipes make lazy morning cleaning as simple as a wipe and you're on your way. The non-greasy moisturizer hydrates the skin and best of all, safe on your CPAP supplies.  Also included in this kit, is a sturdy brush when used regularly help prevent the buildup of debris in your CPAP tubing.

      This accessory kit is an excellent buy for yourself or as a gift for any CPAP users.

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