F&P ThermoSmart™ ICON Heated Breathing Tube




  • Replacement heated tubing for use with the F&P ICON series CPAP machines with ThermoSmart tubing features.​

  • ThermoSmart technology is a rainout reduction feature created by Fisher & Paykel. ThermoSmart technology is a unique heated hose which maintains the warm environment for the airflow to prevent condensation.

    With conventional humidification, as air flows from the heated humidifier through the CPAP hose, the surrounding air cools the air inside the CPAP hose. As the air cools, it releases moisture in the tube and mask. The heated hose creates a continuous heated environment to help the air hold its moisture and be delivered effectively to the user.

  • Length: 76.5 inches from end to end, including cuffs.

    Diameter: 22mm

    Weight: 50g

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