Hot All Inclusive Package - DreamStation AUTO Package. LIMITED TIME OFFER!

Complete Premium Packages

  • Hot All Inclusive Package: This in demand, carefully pre-selected package is packed with the market's newest and best technology! This package equips new users with a complete package for optimal treatment, or for current users who like to upgrade their current equipment. In-store retail price, approx. $2600​. Online retail price approx. $1500. Save big with this premium package!

  • DreamStation AUTO Package Includes:

    •One (1) DreamStation AUTO machine 

    •One (1) CPAP mask (select from drop down option, excludes AirTouch F20)

    •One (1) water chamber

    •One (1) standard tubing

    •One (1) heated tubing

    •One (1) Respironics travel bag

    •Six (6) replacement filters

    •One (1) CPAP dust bag

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