CPAP Cleansing Wipes


  • Our in-house brand CPAP cleansing wipes are designed specifically for CPAP supplies and are safe for daily use as part of your CPAP cleaning routine.  These wipes can be used as a gentle cleanser to maintain your CPAP masks and accessories by deodorizing and removing facial oils and organic residue. This product does not replace the cleaning instructions as outlined in your CPAP mask user guides.

  • Instructions: Pull back protective seal and pull out wipes as needed. Close the lid seal after every use to keep wipes wet. Clean both the inside and outside of your CPAP mask and other equipment and allow it to air dry. Do not flush wipes in the toilet.

  • This product has a solvent-free formulation. Each pack contains 62 single sheets.  Keep out of reach of children.  Do not expose to direct sunlight or high temperatures. External use only.

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