Amara Silicone Full Face CPAP Mask - ON CLEARANCE!




  • No more fumbling to match frame sizes to cushions.  This brand new design takes all the hassle out of fitting your CPAP mask. Made with feather-light silicone and simple for anyone to use, the Amara CPAP mask uses a single frame that any size Amara cushion can attach to. One click – and you’re set!

    Unsure of size? Print and measure using Respironics sizing guide.

  • By simplifying full-face mask design to require just a single, super-simple "click" to assemble the cushion to the mask frame or to detach it for cleaning, Respironics has simplified the fitting and care of a full-face mask.

  • This popular lightweight mask has quiet exhalation ports, dual wall seal and comes in gel or silicone cushion making it very simple to clean.

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