AirFit™ N10 Series CPAP Mask




Resmed AirFit™ N10 Nasal Mask feels smaller than it looks.  It offers maximum comfort and precise fit in a compact nasal mask design, it feels like a smaller nasal pillow instead. Providing a clear sight line due to its small cushion design and floating placement over the nose, AirFit™ N10 provides pure comfort with easy wear-ability. 

Unsure of size? Print and measure with Resmed size guide.

  • Dual-wall Spring Air Cushion Technology - a gentle silicone cushion inflates to create the perfect seal for any nose shape
  • Minimalist design provides a clear line of sight - the enhanced design eliminates a bulky forehead bar
  • Circular diffused venting - a solution to direct exhaled air both quietly and gently so it's hardly noticeable to you or your bed partner
  • SoftEdge headgear - gentle rolled-edge fabric reduces facial marking, attaches with magnetic clips to the frame of the mask.
Magnet Safety Warning!

This CPAP mask contains magnets. Masks with magnets potentially harm individuals with various implanted medical devices or metallic objects in the body. Please screen yourself and bed partners for contraindications before selecting CPAP mask with magnets. Click here for details


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