AirCurve™ 10 S BiLevel Machine with HumidAir™




  • The AirCurve™ 10 S with HumidAir™ is a fixed-pressure bilevel device that is ideal for non-compliant CPAP users or for users who find it difficult to adjust to sleep on a fixed pressure CPAP. This advanced technology delivers one pressure for inhalation and one pressure for exhalation and delivers effective, comfortable therapy for a wide range of patients. It comes with an integrated humidifier and wireless communications capability.

    The AirCurve™ 10 S BiLevel machine comes with a standard tube, filter, operation manual and carrying case.


  • The AirCurve™ 10 S BiLevel Machine with HumidAir™ Features:

    Optional upgrade to ClimateLineAir™ Tube (sold separately).

    Quiet Operation – ResMed offers the quietest device motor currently available.

    Improved Easy-Breathe Waveform Technology – Built to work with your own respiratory patterns, not against them.

    Built-in wireless technology for easy data access.

    Enhanced Rise Time Features – As you fall asleep, your pressures are gradually increased to allow for a slower ramp to prescribed pressure.

    Vsync Technology – Leak compensation to ensure that you receive the right pressures.

  • Advanced Data Recording and Management – Various measurements and formulas to determine how successful your therapy is. Records both compliance and efficacy data.

    User Friendly Design – Easy-to-use menu and sleek, sophisticated design.

    Optional Equipment Integration – Have your usage monitored wirelessly, or connect a pulse oximeter for full data recording integration of your pulse and oxygen levels.

  • Product Specification:

    ·       Machine Type - BiPAP/BiLevel
    ·       Brand/ManufacturerResMed
    ·       Weight 2.75 lb
    ·       Dimensions4.57" x 10.04" x 5.91"
    ·       Noise Level 26.6 dBA 
    ·       Warranty 2 years
    ·       Data Card Yes
    ·       Software Available - No
    ·       Ramp - 0-45 min. (5 min. increments)
    ·       Exhalation Relief - EPR
    ·       Pressure Range - 3-25 cm/H2O
    ·       Altitude Adjustment - Automatic
    ·       Heated Humidifier - Available
    ·       Voltage – 110 and 220 voltage yes
    ·       Can Use A Battery - Yes
    ·       Integrated Battery - No
    ·       Mask Off Alert - Yes

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