Fisher & Paykel's New Evora™ Full Performance Compact Mask

agosto 17, 2022

Fisher & Paykel's New Evora™ Full Performance Compact Mask

Fisher & Paykel released a new Evora™ Full Mask in Canada after successful debuts in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. 'Evora Full' will be their first compact full-face option and we're excited to introduce it to our Canadian CPAP patients. 


F&P Evora Full

The Evora Full Mask offers full face performance in a compact size. The mask boasts both comfort and performance featuring F&P's next generation of Dynamic Support Technology™ combining 'Stability Wings' with a floating seal. This allows for freedom of movement while keeping the mask comfortably in place. Sounds great right? There is more...

Features & Benefits

Easily, the biggest feature of Evora Full is the 'Dynamic Support Technology™', that includes a floating silicone seal that sits comfortably under the nose, keeping the bridge of the nose free of marks, pain, and sores. There are many other key features that make this mask a standout:

  • Minimal compact design: The low nose seal gives a clear line of sight. Wear glasses to watch tv or read without compromise.
  • VentiCool™ Technology: A new breathable soft-knit headgear allows for easy temperature control. Heat and moisture can escape to keep you dry, cool and comfort throughout the night.
  • Supportive frame: The full-face frame is lightweight and supplies incredible stability. Switch positions all you want without any mask movement.
  • Sleep quietly without disruptions: Minimal noise from diffuser holes keep exhaust sounds quiet for a good night's sleep.
  • Removable frame-clip: attach and detach quickly and easily for easy cleaning and assembly.
F&P Evora Full

New Zealand Trial Results

In 2020, Fisher & Paykel conducted a user study to find out what worked and what didn’t.  Here’s what the participants had to say about the mask:

  • 91% of trial participants rated Evora Full stability as stable or very stable
  • 93% of trial participants found Evora Full to be either very comfortable or comfortable 
  • 93% of trial participants never or rarely experienced unintentional air leak into their eyes while using Evora Full 
  • 96% of trial participants were able to sleep in their preferred sleeping position while using the Evora Full mask
  • 98% of trial participants never or rarely felt claustrophobic while using Evora Full mask

Flexible Sizing

Evora Full Mask is available in a variety of size combinations. The Evora Full we stock is the Evora Full Mask Fitpack which includes 3 seal sizes (extra-small, small-medium, and large) to help you find a more custom fit. The mask comes ready to go with a frame, short tube, swivel, and standard headgear. If the standard doesn't do the trick for you, we offer an extra-large headgear as an add-on, as well as other consumable parts including various size cushions, clips, frame and short tubing. 

Evora Full

myMask™ App

Can't quite get your mask exactly the way you want it? No sweat! The F&P myMask™ App is designed to support patients set up their mast from anywhere in the world.  F&P myMask helps you customize and fine-tune your Fisher & Paykel CPAP mask for the perfect fit. 
Evora Full

Cleaning & Care

Download the app for step-by-step cleaning tutorials and tips to maintain your Fisher & Paykel CPAP equipment. It is recommended the mask be replaced 6 months.  It’ll last you longer if you clean and dry your mask daily and store it away from direct sunlight.

We here at are thrilled to add the Evora Full to our collection. Have experience with this mask? We're dying to know what you think! Let us know in the comments. Shop Evora Full below.

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