AirSense 10 Auto vs DreamStation Auto (Review)

giugno 08, 2018

AirSense 10 Auto vs DreamStation Auto (Review)

At, the number one asked question we’re is: would we recommend the AirSense 10 Auto or DreamStation Auto? Which one is better? Which CPAP machine is right for me?

Both machines sit at the top of our best seller’s list month after month. Today we will discuss some of the similarities and differences of both machines to hopefully help you decide which CPAP machine is right for you.


About The Manufacturers

AirSense 10 Auto is made by ResMed, a well-established brand primarily manufacturing equipment for respiratory conditions like sleep apnea. ResMed has manufacturing facilities in Singapore, Australia, France, and the United States.  

Philips Respironics makes the DreamStation Auto. They are an American company, and also a leading manufacturer of an array of respiratory equipment including ventilators and now, household appliances.


Product Warranty

Our machines offer a 3-year manufacturer warranty for both brands.  It is important to note, the 3-year warranty is exclusive to and is not the default manufacturer warranty. ResMed gets a notable mention as they offer an extended 2-warranty for a total of 5 years for a nominal fee.  


Product Features and Design

The AirSense 10 Auto and DreamStation Auto are both quiet and loaded with comparable features and technology. Both models have their power buttons on top, round dials on the front and LCD colour screens to display compliance info (AHI, leak rate, average usage, hours, usage data etc). They also both come with installed SD cards, accommodate heated and standard hoses, are easy to clean, and offer apps for online support and tracking of sleep data. Both machines are compatible to most styles of CPAP masks.  

The obvious difference between the two models are the design and profile of each machine. The AirSense 10 Auto comes in black or an off-white with floral design “For Her” version. It encompasses a sleek, tall and slender profile, whereas the DreamStation Auto only comes in glossy white and has a shorter, wider profile.  

The humidification of the DreamStation Auto can be detached simply by disconnecting it from the main unit. This option is an important feature for those who travel frequently. This process is less convenient for the AirSense 10 Auto as the humidification is built-in. If you wish to disconnect the humidification from the main unit, you’ll need to purchase a side cover for it. 

Another difference is that the DreamStation Auto offers a ‘ramp’ button on top of the unit next to the start button and AirSense 10 Auto does not. This ‘ramp’ button on top can easily be turned on/off accidentally, where you need to enable/disable the function through the menu on the AirSense 10 Auto. 

In terms of included carrying solutions, The AirSense 10 Auto comes with a durable, well-constructed travel bag while the DreamStation Auto has a flimsier, lighter travel bag.


Our Verdict

Both brands offer very reliable CPAP therapy and both brands have their own loyal customers and following. It truly comes down to personal preference - what you like to see on your night stand, the style and small feature differences of each unit. 

Hopefully after reading this, you can decide for yourself which CPAP machine will be right for you. Both machines will manage your Sleep Apnea and significantly improve your sleep health if used correctly.

Shop for both the AirSense 10 Auto and DreamStation Auto on today. We offer the lowest prices on CPAP Machines in Canada and free shipping across the country.

From the clinical team.

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