Is Snoring Romantic?

janvier 25, 2019

Is Snoring Romantic?

Studies have shown that women reported sleeping better with their partner than without. However, if your bed partner snores so loud that it is ruining your sleep, how could you stand sleeping beside them? Many studies have indicated that snoring could cause relationship tension to grow in the following ways:

1) Sleeping in separate rooms
2) Irritability due to sleep loss
3) Partner resentment
4) Helplessness and guilt


Don’t worry, we hear your concerns and we’re here to help! To find the right solution for your partner’s snoring, look at some key points below!

Snoring happens when one can’t move air freely through their nose and throat during sleep. The snoring sound comes from the relaxed tissue in your throat. When those surrounding tissues vibrate, you will hear a “flopping” noise similar to what people identify as the “snoring” sound they hear throughout the night.

If your partner is snoring mildly; lifestyle changes like losing weight, avoiding alcohol, sleeping on your side instead of the back could help reduce the sound. However, chronic snoring often indicates a serious health condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Not all snorers have OSA but everyone who suffers from OSA snores regularly. When you hear a combination of snoring followed by periods of silence from your partner, it is possible that he or she is suffering from OSA.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy is the golden standard for treating OSA. It is less invasive than surgeries and more effective than most oral appliances available on the market today. What would be the benefit of CPAP? Well, Snoring usually is a problem and a concern for the bed partner or roommate’s sleep quality. Therefore, successful treatment of one’s snoring problem would allow the goal of achieving a successful night’s sleep for their bed partner as well!

Since Valentine’s day is coming up; we’re getting the perfect Valentine’s day gift for you and your snoring partner. CPAP devices work by providing a constant, increase in air pressure to prevent airway narrowing during inhalation and exhalation. Auto-CPAP (APAP) provides a range of pressure where the device challenges the airway and finds the appropriate pressure to maintain an open airway throughout the night. APAP is now considered as the most comfortable and popular PAP device on the market.

We’ve got a few started packages that make a great gift for your snoring partner for any upcoming special occasions.

Package 1: $899 Package

This complete Auto-CPAP package includes the APAP machine, choice of mask, all compatible tubings as well as filters and a mask wipes!

Package 2: The Ultimate Starter Pack

Looking to spend a little more? No problem! The Ultimate Starter Pack not only includes the complete Auto-CPAP machine and its accessories, but it also includes the SoClean 2 sanitizing equipment so it makes cleaning much easier!

If you have any clinical questions and concerns, consult your local doctor or contact our clinical care specialist at 1-844-925-2727.

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