AirMini™ Auto Travel System with FREE Mask




AirMini™ is one of the world’s smallest CPAP and perfect no-hassle travel partner. AirMini™ makes it simple to bring high-quality CPAP therapy along with no matter where life takes you. AirMini™ weighs just 300 grams. It comes with the same therapy modes as Resmed AirSense™ 10 devices and offers many of the same popular features.  While it isn’t required to operate the AirMini™, the AirMini™ app provides convenient control of your machine. Download it to your smart device for access to a range of adjustable comfort settings and your nightly score that tells you how well you slept.

AirMini™ + P10 Setup Pack + Mini P10 mask
AirMini™ + N20 Setup Pack + N20 mask
AirMini™ + F20/F30 Setup Pack + F20/F30 mask (no humidX) 

Additional Info

N20 and P10 users can take advantage of HumidX waterless humidification system*. Each HumidX works for 30 days to provide waterless humidification for comfort and relief.  HumidX is currently not compatible with F20/F30 masks and will not come with F20/F30 Setup Pack. 


  • AirMini Mask Compatibility List
  • Pressure range: 4-20 cm/H2O
  • Ramp: Off / 5–45 mins / Auto
  • Dimensions: 5.4" (W) x 3.3" (D) x 2.1"(H) 
  • Noise Level: 27 dBA with uncertainty of 2 dBA. Note: Travel units are nosier than regular units.
  • Warranty: 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • AirMini User Manual

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