H2O 4 CPAP Filter Cartridges

Williamson Industries



Replacement filter cartridge for H2O 4 CPAP Ion Distilled Water Filtering SystemEach filter cartridge removes toxins from tap water for up to 60 nights or 6 gallons of ion distilled water for your humidifier.

Filter cartridges only. Water pitcher sold separately.

Additional Info

Each filter cartridge lasts for 60 nights or 6 gallons of water before needing replacement. To change H2O 4 CPAP filter cartridge:

  • Ensure the pitcher is empty
  • Remove top lid 
  • Locate filter at the bottom of the pitcher bowl
  • Grab pull tab on top of filter, and pull upward
  • Replace with a new cartridge and lock it into place
  • Replace top lid

Filter Cartridge Lifespan: up to 60 nights or 6 gallons of water
Not intended for drinking
Filter Capacity: Up to 6 gallons or for up to 60 nights of ion distilled water. This may vary based on the hardness of the water in your area


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