Lumin™ Bullet Tubing Sanitizer

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While Lumin sanitizer sterilizes CPAP mask and some accessories, it cannot sanitize CPAP hose. Lumin Bullet uses UV light to sanitize the inside of CPAP hose and remove 99.9% of bacteria in under 2 minutes.

When paired with Lumin CPAP Cleaner, it is the ideal CPAP cleaning platform with shorter wait period and without the same health risks posed by ozone and activated oxygen cleaners. Lumin Bullet, charging cord and sanitizing probe only, Lumin sold separately. 

Additional Info

Lumin Bullet uses powerful magnets and a sanitizing probe to create a device capable of shining UV light inside the tube, disinfecting every inch. Light is able to touch all surfaces and fully sanitize almost any hose, with a few exceptions. 

Lumin Bullet is not compatible with:

  • ClimateLineAir™ Heated Tubing for Air 10 Series
  • DreamStation/System One Series Heated Tubing 
  • DreamStation Go 12mm Micro Tubing
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