FAQ: What’s the difference between DreamStation Expert and DreamStation Auto?

February 22, 2019

FAQ: What’s the difference between DreamStation Expert and DreamStation Auto?

Dear CPAPmachines.ca fans, many of you have discovered our newly added product, the latest addition to the DreamStation line “DreamStation Expert”. I am sure many of you would like to get some additional information on it. The newly released Auto-CPAP machine is made specially for patients who complains about pressure resistance when they exhale while on therapy. The DreamStation Expert is an expert in enhancing comfort for new patients acclimatizing to therapy. It is because this machine contains an additional pressure relief mode during exhalation called the P-Flex.

Let me first begin by explaining what “pressure relief” is. Other brands like ResMed calls it the EPR™ (Expiratory Pressure Relief) and Philips Respironics calls it the FLEX technology. Pressure Relief technology intelligently mimics a patient’s individual breathing pattern, the pressure will lower while patient exhale. With the function enabled, breathing while on therapy would feel more natural compare to having to breathe against a constant PAP pressure. (More to come on EPR & FLEX on a future blog).

So why is the P-Flex better than all the other pressure relief functions on the market? Normal pressure relief functions lower its PAP pressure down to a certain level when expiration is detected. Whereas, the P-Flex is so intelligent that it detects the onset of inspiration as well as expiration so it could deliver the right amount of pressure relief when the patient needs it. Meaning that the P-Flex would create a more smoothing breathing pattern than the traditional pressure relief function. In addition, the P-Flex pressure can dip lower than 3cmH2O of pressure unlike other fixed pressure relief settings currently on the market.

With that being said; the DreamStation Expert still provides the same intelligent auto-adjusting functionality. The machine will automatically adjust to your optimal pressure based on your breath throughout the night. This newly released DreamStation Expert is a more suited choice to those whose exhalation pressure needs vary more often throughout the night. If you’re a brand new CPAP user or If you’ve been complaining to others that you find CPAP hard to adapt to because of the pressurized air; we highly recommend you give this DreamStation Expert a try! This machine is truly an expert in helping new patients who are acclimatizing to therapy.

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