AirFit™ F30 CPAP Mask Review

January 11, 2019

AirFit™ F30 CPAP Mask Review

The CPAP manufacturer, Resmed is out with a brand new full-face CPAP mask many are calling "ground-breaking" and a “game-changer”! The AirFit™ F30 launched first across Canada in late 2018. It will be available in the United States and other select countries in 2019.  The F30 is the little brother to the super-popular AirFit F20 and Resmed is putting a lot of faith in this mask - and for good reasons.


The F30 lower profile mask is not just smaller, it’s completely redesigned: it sits lower on the face, with an ultra-compact nasal cushion that covers just the tip of the nose to the bottom lip. The cushion style claims to provides a secure fit and a perfect seal. Forget the days of clunky masks that go from your chin to the bridge of your nose, blocking your view and leaving you with irritation, lines and redness in the morning.  The soft, flexible frame and buttery-soft nasal padding keep your nose from getting squished as you sleep.      


The universal, one-size adjustable headgear is flexible, plush and designed to reduce tightness while delivering stability and extra softness for comfort. The minimal face coverage results in fewer marks and creases by morning reduces the feeling of claustrophobia and even lets you wear your reading glasses.  And side-sleepers rejoice!  It works for you, too.

When compared to top leading minimal contact masks available on the market, up to 80% of the users in a clinical study reported that AirFit F30 was much easier to use than other leading masks. Up to 60% of the patients reported that they have experienced a more stable fit and a more reliable seal with the AirFit F30. Based on published performance studies, the AirFit F30 is a third quieter than other leading masks  (a whisper or rustling leaves compared to the sound of a humming refrigerator).

An improved venting system called Quiet Air Vent System on the F30 has been designed to disperse exhaled air smoothly and evenly instead of jetting it out (as some masks do) making for a much quieter mask that helps keep bed partners sleeping quietly too.


The AirFit F30 is a beautiful creation. It's lightweight, modern, minimalist and has truly been redesigned. It has piqued many user's interests to see if it's worthy of all the hype. 

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