Everything You Need To Know About The P30i CPAP Mask!

June 14, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About The P30i CPAP Mask!

It must be Christmas in the CPAP world! Over the last half year, we were lucky enough to get multiple releases of new CPAP masks by Resmed - a leading manufacturer in the industry. Let's do a quick recap on the most recent releases.  At the end of 2018, we got our hands on the AirFit N30i nasal CPAP mask, in the new year we had a ball with the AirFit F30 full face redesign and months after that, call us spoiled, but got to test out the new AirFit™ P30 nasal pillow mask! Each of these masks are designed to deliver the best in it's own mask category. Today we focus on the AirFit™ P30i nasal pillow CPAP mask. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this P10 predecessor!

Starting at the very top, this mask offers top of the head hose connector that swivels 360 degrees. This feature allows freedom to move in all direction without getting your tubing tangled and it stays out of your face. The swivel is equipped with expire air vents to remove carbon dioxide and a quick release function which you pinch and release the hose from the mask. This function is excellent for easy washroom breaks and minimizes fumbling at night.                               


Next, the frame features an accordion-like SpringFit frame that's hollow for even distribution of air. The SpringFit frame allows the mask to contour to your head, prevents over tightening, allows for flexibility, reduces red marks and creates an open line of vision - good for those who wear glasses or those who experience claustrophobia.

Continuing down the frame, the mask has fleece wraps to increase comfort ability and minimizes mask lines against the face. The headgear is plush cloth and is adjusted with Velcros on either side. 

The mask comes in 2 starter packs with various nasal pillow cushions:
  • Standard frame - with small, medium and large size pillow cushions
  • Small frame - with small and medium size pillow cushions 

The front of the pillow cushions are equip with QuietAir vent technology which disperses C02 away evenly and more importantly quietly. 


The P30i offers some interchangeability. The AirFit N30i nasal cushion will fit this mask frame and headgear. Carefully pull the frame and nasal cushion apart, align arrows of cradle cushion and snap in to reconnect (the same way to change cushion sizes). 

One more notable mention if you own an AirMini (or considering one) - the P30i is compatible with all CPAP, APAP and BiPAP machines except for the AirMini™ portable unit. There is no compatible fit packs to fit this mask with the travel device. If you do use an AirMini you'll need to stick with 1 of 3 masks that are compatible with it. 

There you have it folks - everything you need to know about the new AirFit P30i nasal pillow CPAP mask. This new release is already a best seller for us. Pick one up for yourself and let us know what your thoughts are on this mask under our review section if you gave it a try!

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